Heating and Cooling System

The Cooling and Heating System

The current global issues in the construction industry are sustainability and the generation of environmental-friendly products. Finding or innovating a product that is cost effective, environmental friendly, economical and consume less fuel is one of the world’s current main problems. Meanwhile, due to the high cost of gas and the environmental pollution caused during its production and transportation processes, utilizing a cooling and heating system that uses no gas is one of the options available in the market.

It is a system that uses 100% electricity and does not depend on gas or any other source of power. This system can be utilized to provide sufficient heat for houses during winter season. Besides, It can also supply enough coolness to houses during summer so it is a multi-purpose clean and sustainable system. Some of the several advantages that this system has are providing high level of comfort, it is connected and easily expanded, operates quietly with minimal generated noise, and the usage of renewable energy sources only. On the other hand, the traditional used heat boiler depends fully on gas and its efficiency is only 90% because 10% of the energy is usually lost during the heat up of the system.

This new system provides high comfort and convenience to the users due to its dual usage for both cold and hot seasons. Moreover, This modern system is considered efficient with a reasonable price. IFB Contracting can supply this system for houses and apartments as a better alternative of the above mentioned traditional boiling system. The system converts the water into heat using electricity and the heat is utilized for heating the houses. More information and advantages about this product can be obtained by consulting us.

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