Complete Bathrooms Renovation

Complete Bathrooms Renovation

It is always a great feeling to have your bathroom equipped with all the necessary fixtures, finishes and accessories. Many people find bathroom renovation compulsory, especially if it is outdated in order to catch up with modern designs, models and comfortable materials. IFB Contracting provides the tiling services for bathrooms that can be done either alone by collaborating with other companies to finish everything remaining up or followed by the installation of the bathroom assemblies by IFB Contracting based on the customer’s preference. When IFB Contracting is responsible of the entire bathroom renovation process, we ensure the work to be done in short duration and with high quality and reasonable budgets.

The process starts by hacking the tiles and other unnecessary bathroom sanitary ware and materials. After the bathroom floor and walls are tiled, the newly purchased sanitary ware such as shower, sink, toilet, bidet, etc, and the accessories that include shelves, towel rails and rings, grab rails, soap dispensers, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, grab rails, and bathroom extractor fans will be assembled. This can be done and delivered in a fast process when requested. The satisfaction of the client is always our main goal and priority.

At IFB Contracting, we aim for customer satisfaction and hence, we explain to the customer about the latest trends and models in bathrooms development. Then, the customer will have an overview about the entire process and will have an image of his/her dream bathroom. The customer can then decide on how the bathroom renovation process will be with respect to time, design, materials, cost, and models. We ensure that everything is done as per the client’s preference and we pay great attention for every small detail

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Here are some examples of our complete bathrooms works that include finished and in progress Projects.

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